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Vegan on a Budget

Trying to transition to veganism but unsure about how much it’ll cost? Has the impact of 2020 made it hard to make ends meet? You can be vegan on a budget! Whether you’re trying to stick to the $1.50 a day challenge or just save a few bucks per meal, there are lots of tips for cutting costs and still live in a sustainable, cruelty-free way.

Homemade is the Way to Go

It’s no surprise that making, growing, and gathering your own food is a great way to cut down on grocery and food costs. But there are lots of ways to save money when you get good at making things at home.

For example, cooking beans from dry means you pay less for more beans. The downside is that you have to remember to soak the beans before you cook with them, but if you’re a burgeoning chef, this will be a breeze.

Meal prepping is here to stay. Not only is it healthier, it saves you time and money! When you’re preparing your meals, try to cook large quantities so you can stick a few servings in the freezer – it makes less work and allows you to rotate your leftovers. No more eating the exact same meal for days on end.

You can make your own condiments too! Salad dressings, spice mixes, nut butters – there are hundreds of Pinterest recipes to choose from. And don’t forget: it’s cheaper to buy your ingredients in bulk!

Skip the ‘Vegan’ Products

The Stingy Vegan has lots of great recipes and tips for creating a great variety of meals on a modest budget. And one of the tips that surprised us was to avoid the “vegan” products.

Often, products that are marketed as exclusively vegan will cost more than non-vegan-branded counterparts. For example, tofu is food vegans and vegetarians alike use as a meat substitute, but adding the word “vegan” doesn’t change the product – it just hikes up the price.

Spend some time price shopping. Yes, it is a little more time consuming, but if you explore places other than a large chain grocery, you may be surprised that the Asian market a few blocks away has more exciting vegan options for much cheaper prices.

Change Your Substitution Strategies

Part of saving money as a vegan comes from knowing which ingredients in a recipe can be substituted with a cheaper one. For example, you can substitute broccoli or spinach in many dressings or oils, don’t be afraid to leave them out altogether. Does your recipe call for three or four different herbs? Pick your top one or two and see what you can do.

You can also base your meals around a starch or bean – these foods are filling and don’t cost much. For more quick tips on what foods you can stock up on a budget, check out the “Plant-Based Budget Friendly Pantry” section in this blog post from Nora Cooks.

Also, buying frozen or in-season ingredients is a quick and easy way to save money (here’s a great seasonal calendar from BBC Good Food). And bonus – foods that are grown in season taste better! Farmers’ markets are a great place to get high-quality, low cost ingredients in large quantities.

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