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What’s in Your Kitchen? Your Guide to Essential Vegan Ingredients and Kitchenware

When it comes to veganizing your kitchen, remember that you don’t need all of the latest gadgets and wares. All you need are the essentials, including pantry basics, snacks, baking necessities, spices, oils, vinegars, refrigerator items, freezer items, and kitchenware. 

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Help! I’m Vegan and Dating an Omnivore

If you’re vegan, or thinking about going vegan, and you’re dating an omnivore, here are a few tips to make your life easier. Our first tip is to do the grocery shopping. If you’re trying vegan recipes for the first time, you’ll want to go grocery shopping yourself, even if your partner also goes shopping. They will not want to look for your tofu or nutritional yeast, and these items may be hard to find in a grocery store. Don’t potentially aggravate your partner concerning your new lifestyle by asking them to pick up new-to-them items. 

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How to Shop for Secondhand Vegan Clothes

In honor of National Secondhand Wardrobe Day, which is celebrated annually on August 25, we collected our best tips on how to shop for secondhand vegan clothes. Start by learning what materials are vegan.

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Looking to Veganize Your Wardrobe? Here’s How

If you are vegan or considering the vegan lifestyle, it’s important to veganize your wardrobe to fit your chosen lifestyle. Why? Veganism isn’t just a diet; it’s a lifestyle guided by ethics. In this article, we'll share the 5 easy steps you can take to veganize your wardrobe.

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3 Reasons to Visit a Farmers Market This Summer

Whether you practice the vegan lifestyle or want to make healthier choices, one healthy habit you can make is to visit the farmers market on a regular basis. The farmers market is the perfect place to learn about fresh produce, purchase local food, meet new people, and more.

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5 Ways Being Vegan Helps You Stay Hydrated

Being vegan isn't just about the food you consume. It's also about what beverages you drink. To help you stay hydrated whether you follow the vegan lifestyle or are just trying to begin healthier habits, we collected the top 5 ways being vegan helps you stay hydrated.

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April 05, 2016


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5 Tips To Stay Vegan FOREVER :)

I've been vegan for 10 years and in response to telling people about my lifestyle choice, I've heard a plethora of reasons why people don't think they could ever be vegan, or why they don't think they ever WANT to be vegan. Changing from an omnivore diet to a vegan diet isn't easy but, c'mon, is ANY dietary change? For every lifestyle change, there will be definite times of struggle, especially when those close to you aren't striving for the same change in their own lives. But just because you've eaten animal products your whole life or all your friends eat meat doesn't mean you can't take charge of your own lifestyle choices while STILL enjoying your social life AND your food!

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