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The Vegan Lifestyle Blog

Dealing with Ethical Dilemmas: How to Do the Best You Can

When you face ethical dilemmas, follow these tips:

  • Be strategic in your responses to others. Think long-term rather than being a perfect vegan.
  • Be compassionate with yourself and others. Perfection is unnecessary to do good.
  • When you're faced with a serious ethical dilemma, prioritize. You may need to prioritize your health over being vegan 100% of the time.

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Help! I’m Vegan and Dating an Omnivore

If you’re vegan, or thinking about going vegan, and you’re dating an omnivore, here are a few tips to make your life easier. Our first tip is to do the grocery shopping. If you’re trying vegan recipes for the first time, you’ll want to go grocery shopping yourself, even if your partner also goes shopping. They will not want to look for your tofu or nutritional yeast, and these items may be hard to find in a grocery store. Don’t potentially aggravate your partner concerning your new lifestyle by asking them to pick up new-to-them items. 

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