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The Vegan Lifestyle Blog

New to Veganism? Your Top Questions Answered

Veganism is on the rise all over the world. Have you recently become vegan? Interested in becoming vegan in the near future? Here are some of the most common questions asked by those who are new to veganism.

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How Vegans Navigate Holidays: Eat Well & Stay Sane

Whether you’re new to veganism or you’ve been a vegan for many years, the holidays can be challenging. Your family and friends may still pressure you or question you copiously. But fret not. We have a game plan for you so you can stick to your convictions while maintaining your sanity this holiday season.

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Why Being Vegetarian is Not Enough

Vegetarians and those who enjoy plant-based diets often believe that their food choices align with their ethical convictions, but this is often not the case. Animals that are used for products other than meat are still harmed. And consumption of those animal products take up more resources to produce, making them less sustainable.

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How to Shop for Secondhand Vegan Clothes

In honor of National Secondhand Wardrobe Day, which is celebrated annually on August 25, we collected our best tips on how to shop for secondhand vegan clothes. Start by learning what materials are vegan.

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Looking to Veganize Your Wardrobe? Here’s How

If you are vegan or considering the vegan lifestyle, it’s important to veganize your wardrobe to fit your chosen lifestyle. Why? Veganism isn’t just a diet; it’s a lifestyle guided by ethics. In this article, we'll share the 5 easy steps you can take to veganize your wardrobe.

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